Outlook for UmpquaNorthHighCascades

Smoke: Warm temperatures during the day today are expected to increase fire activity. Northwest winds in the afternoon will move smoke towards Crater Lake, Chiloquin, and Klamath Falls. The amount of smoke depends on how active the fires become. Fires in the east zone of the High Cascades Complex were quite active yesterday; especially Spruce Lake and Blanket Creek.

Fire: Umpqua N. complex fires grew 814 acres to 40,343 with 37% containment. High Cascades complex grew 26,070 acres to 98,379 with 28% containment. Fires are expected to be active again today today.

Other: A new monitor at Crater Lake should be online late today or tomorrow.

Daily AQI Forecast for Sep 13, 2017
Yesterday Tue   Forecast Wed Thu
Station hourly 9/12 Comment for Today -- Wed, Sep 13 9/13 9/14
Light smoke at times, should be good air quality overall.
Light smoke at times, should be good air quality overall.
Proximity to fires puts this area at risk.
Diamond Lake
Clearing during the day, followed by afternoon and evening smoke accumulation.
Some clearing during the day but smoke accumulates again in the evenings.
Shady Cove
Light to moderate smoke most of the day, afternoon should be best air quality.
Crater Lake
Wind direction to bring smoke to the Park during the day. Clearing overnight, daytime impacts again tomorrow.
Day starts with smoke impacts, lightens by midday and accumulates again in the evening.
Klamath Falls
Winds take smoke towards Klamath Falls but distance from fires may limit impacts.
Issued Sep 13, 2017 by Janice Peterson, Air Resource Advisor, jlpeterson@fs.fed.us
Air Quality Index (AQI) Actions to Protect Yourself
Good None
Moderate Unusually sensitive individuals should consider limiting prolonged or heavy exertion.
USG People within Sensitive Groups* should reduce prolonged or heavy outdoor exertion.
Unhealthy People within Sensitive Groups* should avoid all physical outdoor activity.
Very Unhealthy Everyone should avoid prolonged or heavy exertion.
Hazardous Everyone should avoid any outdoor activity.

Disclaimer: Forecasts may be wrong; use at own risk. Use caution as conditions can change quickly. See your health professional as needed. Smoke sensitive groups should take appropriate precautions.